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A ‘dry float’? What StarPool’s ZeroBody Float bed actually is.

Spa and wellness equipment manufacturer Starpool collaborated with a brain research firm Neocogita to develop a bed that gives the impression of floating. They have created the dry float bed which is essentially a heated waterbed that provides the weight-reduction benefits of immersion tanks without requiring you to get wet.

During the floating session the body stops controlling its temperature and gravitational structure. That allows producing endorphins, which prevent the body from sending pain signals to the brain and may lead to feeling euphoria.

At the same time patient is exposed to a specially designed by Nu Relax (a creator of the meditation apps line Calm and Evolve) meditation soundtrack that helps to experience complete calmness.

The floating bed has been designed by Cristiano Mino an award-winning interior designer from Milano, Italy. It has a sleek and minimalistic look that fits well in hinged spas, wellness centres and office spaces.