Recharge Lab in Melbourne Australia

Meet James from Recharge Lab in Melbourne, Australia. James is offering treatments for his customers on two of our bestsellers: WONDER Multiuser System – Electromagnetic &
Neuromuscular Muscle Stimulation with Radiofrequency, and STARPOOL ZEROBODY Dry Float Therapy Bed.

Benefits of Electrical Muscular Stimulation 

Amparo Cruz Onos MD First Degree Specialist in General Medicine and Second Degree Physiology Specialist performed a clinical studie about Physiological Approach to Muscle and Toning Therapy with Wonder MT Device in Lucero Clinic, Madrid in 2020

Clinical Study of pelvic floor muscle increasing procedure using Wonder

Dr. Cesar Caballero Perez from Madrid, Spain in 2020 conducted a CLINICAL STUDY OF PELVIC FLOOR MUSCLE INCREASING PROCEDURE USING WONDER, according to witch the Wonder device provides highly effective strength training for the pelvic floor muscles as it effectively stimulates them.