What makes out lymph massage unique?

  • The algorithm – All other devices in the world do not have the algorithm in accordance with the Vodder technique and there is no chance to control the pressure in the cambers (small number of chambers in the cuffs). Use of such devices involves the risk of excessive lymph cumulation in the site of its outlet to the lymph nodes. It can lead to a painful and dangerous oedema and damage to the lymph nodes
  • 24 chamber cuffs with expanders
  • Unique overlapping system – Each chamber in the cuff is connected to the next one overlapping and creating so-called “Overlapping”. This unique technological solution means that the lymph pushed towards large mouths, lymph nodes and vessels does not fall by gravity, but as the next chamber is filled it is moved in the right direction and pace (according to the manual drainage methodology). The use of devices without this system is associated with a high risk of excessive lymph accumulation in the area of its outflow to the nodes causing dangerous swelling and their damage
  • Multi Chamber Cuffs – assuring the highest level of treatment securityEach chamber in the cuff is connected with the next by overlapping. This unique technological solution actively pushed the lymph fluid in the direction of bigger outlets, lymph nodes and vessels and so it does not fall with gravity but with the active filling of the next chamber, it is pushed in the right direction and pace (in accordance with the manual drainage). Use of devices with minimal number of chambers in the cuff carriers the high risk of lymph cumulation in the site of its outlet to the nodes and can lead to a painful and dangerous oedema and the damage of the nodes

Certifications or Requirements:

No special licenses or permits are required in any state of Australia.

Operating Costs:

Very low operating costs, the only consumable being electricity. Approximately 30 cents per hour on average.


  • Power supply: 230 V/50 Hz (+/- 10%)
  • Maximum power consumption: 110 VA
  • Massage pressure range: min 20 mm Hg, max. 140 mm Hg
  • Pump flow rate: 25 l/min
  • Number of operated chambers: 12/24
  • LCD panel, color LCD 5,7″ (320 x 240)
  • 21 preinstalled programs for sequential massage
  • Control pannel
  • Dimensions: 410 x 430 x 150 (mm)
  • Weight: 10 kg

Start-Up Costs:

  • The Lymph Massage Device, Installation & Training
  • Financing options are available at your request
  • Official Quote can be done at your request

Shipping, Installation & Training Options:

  1. Shipping, Self Installation, & Virtial Training
  2. Shipping, Local Tech Installation, & Virtual Training
  3. Shipping, White Glove Installation & On-Site Training


24 months (Extended warranty available)