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New Era of Floating Therapy

Art and technology behind the floating therapy innovation

The Zerobody Float Therapy Bed is a collaboration between spa company Starpool and brain wellness research firm Neocogita, they managed to create a devise that combine all the relaxation benefits of a chill bath and allows benefiting from them in a convenient and dry way.

It is perhaps the next evolutionary step for the simple and slightly dated waterbed. Instead of merely lying about sloshily snoozing, you can be surrounded with a warm bladder of water (er… in a pleasant way) while keeping dry. The Zerobody is intended to give the illusion of floating somewhere warm, and it has changeable lights as well as a Nu Relax phone app with specially created meditation programmes to listen to.

Benefits of Dry Floatation Therapy

This form of floating therapy helps with reducing stress and anxiety, reducing pain and inflammation, promotes psycho-physical recovery, improves sleep and accelerates recovery of the body. According to the website Contemporist, while using the Zerobody, “the body quits regulating body temperature and gravitational structure” and is thus free to produce endorphins and generally enjoy itself. Whether or not that’s the case, a quiet lie-down in a warm, comfortable, and pretty aesthetic bed-like piece of furniture sounds like a recipe for a good time.

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