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Physiological Approach to Muscle and Toning Therapy with Wonder MT Device

Everyone desire to be fit and healthy

Medical and cosmetic body remodeling treatments based on increasing muscle mass in specific areas of the body such as hips, legs and arms are seeing exponential growth in demand from patients of all ages, genders and morphologies. Many people today suffer from obesity, which can lead to serious health problems. This is why obese patients choose to undergo fat reduction surgery. Dr. Amparo Cruz Onos used the Wonder MT machine to study whether fat reduction surgery could be replaced with muscle and toning therapy.

A miracle cure better than fat reduction surgery

Wonder MT technology may be used in treatments to reduce localized fat mass, improve skin condition, and tone body parts such as abdomen, legs, and buttocks. It turned out to be a non-invasive method that offered a safe alternative to existing buttock toning procedures.
It is a device that applies the principle of electrical stimulation of skeletal muscles by intensively irradiating the buttocks with electromagnetic waves and selectively combining high-intensity electrical stimulation. This technology is based on the use of rapidly changing magnetic and electric fields that create electrical currents in the skin that depolarize motor neurons and cause muscle contraction. If the stimulation rate is greater than the time it takes for the muscle to relax, the muscle is forced into supramaximal contraction. That is, it cannot be voluntarily triggered.

Based on his research, Dr. Amparo Cruz Onos believes Wonder Treatment is highly effective and safe for achieving significant aesthetic results while promoting fat loss and overall muscle recovery.