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Refined Wellness attended Beyond Activ in Singapore

Our team had the incredible opportunity to attend Beyond Activ in Singapore, the largest business network for the health, fitness, wellness, sports, hospitality and leisure industries.

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The event was a hub of innovative ideas, forward-thinking strategies and inspiring conversations. We had the pleasure of connecting with fellow industry leaders and like-minded people from organisations such as World Gym Australia, Novofit, Gym80, Revo Fitness, Total Fusion, Wildsoul Wellness, Core Health & Fitness, Evolt, and more.

We participated in outstanding panels full of valuable insights and perspectives from renowned keynote speakers worldwide. Notable panels included:

  1. Navigating Our Industry to A Better, Brighter Tomorrow – CEO Leadership Perspectives
  2. Emerging Consumer Trends, Behaviours and Pricing – Who is Consuming What, Where, How and For What Price?
  3. What Challenges Are Impacting the Future Direction and Growth of the Wellness Economy?
  4. Founders Perspectives – Overcoming the Personal and Professional Challenges of Launching, Growing and Exiting Successful Businesses.

The expertise and experiences shared by the speakers provided us with fresh strategies and inspiration to drive our initiatives forward

It was great to see many Australian professionals nominated for the Beyond Activ 2024 Awards of Excellence. We were particularly proud to celebrate TotalFusion Australia for winning Wellness Company of the Year and Andrew Holder at Revo Fitness for winning Executive of the Year. These recognitions are a testament to their hard work, dedication, and impact on the wellness industry.

Congratulations to the entire Beyond Activ team for organising such a fantastic event and making it a memorable experience for all attendees.

We are already looking forward to attending Beyond Activ in Sydney from December 2-4.