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entirely electric

For many years, people worldwide have harnessed the power of extreme cold to address various health issues.
Numerous studies have demonstrated that briefly exposing your body to temperatures as low as -110°C can provide various health benefits.
The Storm Cryotherapy offers a compact, single-person, all-electric Cryo Chamber that doesn’t require nitrogen, providing a more cost-effective solution.

Enhance Your Offer with the STORM CRYO CHAMBER


Innovation and Excellence Converge in CryoTherapy


Storm provides a hassle-free Plug-n-Play function for quick and easy setup

No Chiller or Condenser Needed

The Storm Cryo Chamber is made to function without a chiller or condenser

100% Electric

It operates solely on an electric system as part of its commitment to sustainability.

-40ºC Skin Temperature Drop

Noticeably lower skin temperatures, which maximises the therapeutic effects of extremely cold temperatures.

3-year Warranty

The Storm guarantees longevity and dependability, instilling confidence in customers regarding its long-term functionality.

Easy-to-use Interface

With its industry-leading self-service features, which enable customers to personalise their cryotherapy encounter via an easy-to-use interface.

1-on-1 Support Concierge

Specialised 1-on-1 support concierge will help you get the most out of your cryotherapy sessions by offering professional advice and assistance for a pleasant and confident experience

Unique craftsmanship

Designed and Built in Germany

The Storm Cryo Chamber establishes a new benchmark

Our chamber ensures unparalleled performance and durability.


energy efficiency

With an average power consumption of only 3.5 kWh (Competitors sit around 8 kWh), the Storm is the most energy-efficient Cryo Chamber on the market. 

Save thousands every year!

Smart Management

and Accessibility

  • Mobile app to manage the Storm from anywhere
  • Remote diagnostics and software updates
  • Integrated Anamnesis sheet
  • Calculates optimal session duration
  • Tracks health data for personalized sessions

Enhanced Experience

and Features

  • Optimal sound system
  • Heated glass for a clear view
  • Prescheduled cooling and drying cycles
  • An automatic door opens during the drying cycle & closes during the cooling cycle

Advanced Functionality and Sustainability


100% natural refrigerants

Built to last

10-20+ years

design it

Front outside panel includes various color options

make it shine

LED colour selection and lighting countdown



involves subjecting the entire body to a 3-minute thermal shock at -110 °C.

This can offer numerous health benefits for both the body and mind.


CRYOTHERAPY refers to cold applications that subject the body to subfreezing cold stimuli in a highly targeted manner. This is not a new notion. Thermal treatments have been employed since antiquity and are thought to have a variety of beneficial benefits on physical and mental health. Around 370 BC, Hippocrates recognised the health benefits of cold exposure.

Several research have identified the following outcomes. Cryotherapy reduces inflammation by boosting the production of messenger chemicals. They boost circulation and metabolism, leading to a higher resting metabolic rate. They also provide beauty benefits, including improved collagen production for tighter skin. Cold temperatures can trigger the production of feel-good chemicals, leading to reduced stress and improved mood.


Health & wellness

Health & wellness

Studies have shown that WBC can facilitate deep and restorative sleep. In addition, researchers have observed positive e!ects on the immune system as well as in the treatment of skin diseases and migraines. Studies also cite the release of feel-good hormones, increased energy levels and improved mood.

Sport & regeneration

Sport & regeneration

Athletes use the POWERCAB both before and after their training. The therapy increases oxygen saturation in the body. Consequently, it can give you a boost before exercise by allowing you to train harder, longer and more effectively or after exercise by allowing your muscles to regenerate in a faster, more efficient way.

Dietary support

Dietary support

Exposure to extreme cold stimuli causes the body to kick into high gear to heat itself up again. In the short term, this process burns a lot of calories. Boosting your metabolism allows you to increase your resting metabolic rate in the long term. The latest studies on cold applications have even suggested that they promote the conversion of unhealthy white fat cells to useful brown ones.

Pain management

Pain management

Users have reported reduced pain and increased mobility. That is partly due to the fact that WBC stimulates the removal of waste products from the body, relieves tension and stimulates the hormonal and immune systems.

Beauty & anti-aging

Beauty & anti-aging

Users report less wrinkles, firmer skin, improved connective tissue health and reduced cellulite. Studies indicate that the reason for this is increased collagen production caused by cold stimuli, which results in a more youthful appearance.

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