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The importance of buttock muscles and the Wonder strengthening muscle tonic therapy.

Strong buttocks muscles are necessary for easy and effective movement

Buttocks muscle have been known since ancient times. They appear when a person stands up on his hind legs and begins to step on them, at this time the gluteal muscles begin to develop noticeably. The hands become free and the connection of the brain to the spine is changed, resulting in significant brain development. The term “buttock muscle” is used as a euphemism, although it actually refers to a set of muscles located in the lower part of the spine, including the gluteus maximus, gluteus medius, and gluteus medius. The gluteal muscles play an important role in pelvic movement, because they are attached to it.

Benefits of Wonder Treatment specific to strengthening buttock muscles

Best posture

Tight and shortened hip flexors, weakly stretched hip extensors, and poorly activated glutes are the most common causes of spine-related postural abnormalities. Pain Relief and Injury Prevention A strong butt supports your lower back. If your buttocks are weak and cannot guarantee hip extension, muscles that were not designed to do it will do so. Over time, this leads to pain in your hips, hips, and knees.

Improving physical

The gluteus maximus can produce a large amount of energy. This force is expressed in terms of velocity, acceleration, vertical distance, and resistance to motion. This is the key to improving your ability to run, jump and pedal faster, harder and longer.

Increased bone density

Bone density peaks 5-10 years after skeletal maturity. After age 30, old or damaged bone resorbs faster than new bone, increasing the risk of osteopenia.

Fat loss

Muscle is metabolically active, and the glutes and hamstrings are the two largest muscle groups in the body, so their potential contribution to fat loss is significant.

The gluteal muscle is fundamental as an accelerator during locomotion and swing and as a brake when stopping walking. Activating and strengthening your buttocks increases spinal stability and improves posture. These muscles are used to keep yourself upright. Therefore, working the buttocks with correct posture contributes to grace and health.




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