Revolutionary body treatment technology

Discover WONDER Prestige, a breakthrough in body shaping using electromagnetic therapy and neuromuscular emissions to rapidly increase muscle, reduce fat, and shrink body volume.

Unmatched in power and performance

  • First and only device to integrate Electromagnetic and Neuromuscular Emissions.
  • Targets up to 7 muscle groups simultaneously.
  • Accommodates 4 users at once.
  • Achieves a record penetration depth of 16 cm.
  • Delivers noticeable results in just two weeks with unique SuperMan and SuperWoman programs.

Dominate your market

Elevate your business with the leading technology in body contouring. Designed for beauty professionals, WONDER Prestige offers:

  • Simultaneous engagement of 4 muscle groups.
  • Comprehensive toning, slimming, and skin enhancement.
  • Immediate, transformative results.

Reliable metrics with the tracking lab

Ensure precise monitoring with our advanced Tracking Lab system, offering:

  • Detailed metrics on heart rate, calories burned, and exercise intensity.
  • User attendance and device usage history, enhancing session effectiveness.
  • Transform body treatment with technology designed for results, convenience, and unparalleled performance.

Technical features

Designed and Made in Spain
Power supply: 220±10% V / 110±10% V / 12V – 50Hz / 60Hz
Weight: 2.5 kg

Work area temperature: 15 – 25º C

Relative Humidity: Maximum: 80%
Output: 6 independent channels for each muscle group Glutes / Hamstrings / Abs / Quadriceps / Obliques / Arms
Wave type: modulated asymmetric biphasic pulses at low and medium frequency
Working frequency: From 5 to 200 Hz
Contraction rate: 10 to 3500 PPM
Maximum output current: 100 mA / 1Kohm
Contraction / relaxation ratio: 10 : 10 s
Triple action = Triple effectivity with ELECTROMAGNETIC, NEUROMASCULAR & RADIFREQUENCY muscle stimulation
New pulse width of 1000 microseconds = 20 CMS, gives record depth penetration
60 000 muscle contractions
New software to control the sessions in real time
Connection to WiFi
Remote controlled with 10″ Tablet
Automatic programs
Self regulation
Multiuser technology 1device – 4 users, increase rentability


24 months (Extended warranty available)


Wonder Axon is a technology that does not require any overheads such as gels, creams or changing of pads.

Install Prep

The only install requirement is a 220v outlet. Our installation team will handle the rest.

Operating Costs

To perform the session the only consumables are the Wonder undergarments (leggings and top). We provide you with 8 undergarments for your clients to wear each session, these can simply be washed on a regular cycle washing machine after each session. Additional undergarments can be purchased on request. These are used for hygiene for both the device and client, your client is able to wear any sort of tight activewear if they do not feel comfortable in the undergarments.

Wonder Return on Investment

The suggested Wonder protocol is 2 sessions per week for 6-8 weeks.
Our recommended retail pricing for the new Wonder Axon is as follows:
Single Session: $350
10 Pack: $3000


Unlimited Virtual Training is included in the price of the machine. Contact us if you would like in person training. Additionally, you have an ongoing support network whenever you require it. You are able to call or email our team anytime.

Delivery Times

Allow for 2-3 weeks delivery from receipt.

Equipment Financing

We work closely beside a broker that can have a non obligation talk with that will walk you through all finance options.


User Manual

Training Guide

Technical Specification
Automatic and manual programs description
Product Highlights
Technical Advantages

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